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Forget about spending money for FUT Points

Most gamer are buying FIFA 18 points, because they are feeling excited to get great players out of these packs. Here are some reasons why you should never ever spend real money for FUT 18 points again:

  • You can only use them for FUT Draft or packs
  • You can’t buy any player with them
  • They are expensive
  • In the gold packs are mostly contracts, manager, average player, fitness and other items
  • During the purchasing process it may come to mistakes, because of EA servers
  • There is a 0,1% chance you will get a special player like Messi or Ronaldo

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Not really a good deal if you ask me. I know many gamer, which are complaining. They have just spent $100 for FUT 18 points, but they never got any good player. It is a huge waste of money they said. It shouldn’t be like this. With the FIFA 18 coin generator you can get all the coins and points for free on your account.

Where does the FIFA 18 hack work?

  • On all Microsoft consoles (Xbox One, Xbox 360)
  • On the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 (all versions)
  • On your smartphone (iOS and Android)
  • On the brand new Nintendo Switch
  • And of course also on your PC

Just run it from FIFA18-coins.net and start using the FIFA 18 coins hack. Getting free coins and points can be really so easy if you know this website. We will lead you through the whole process and just within a few seconds you should receive the items on your Xbox Live, PSN, Mobile or PC account already. The most time people are afraid to use the FUT 18 hack, but after they see many videos on how to use the FIFA 18 cheats and hack they are more open and brave. Of course there are many ways to save up coins, but no beginner guide or walkthrough will ever tell you how to hack FIFA 18 ultimate team without spending any money. Getting autobuyer and trading on the transfer market can alos be very tiring. Your priority should be to get the best team ever on FUT 18 to dominate the whole Weekend League. Almost every professional eSports gamer came to this website to get free FIFA 18 coins and points. Some of them even say it by themselves or they make live streams on Twitch and YouTube to show how it works.

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If you need any help or assistance feel free to message us. Our FIFA 18 coin generator is available in german, french and dutch.

Working on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

The official FIFA 18 coin generator 101 – all you ever need to know

Whether you are using your smartphone, tablet or PC to run the FIFA 18 hack. With this guide you will be fully prepared to get free FIFA 18 coins and points on your Xbox Live Gamertag, PSN, iOS, Android and PC account. It is possible to literally get free FUT 18 coins and points on every account with no survey or human verification


What is the FUT 18 hack good for?

If you are running out of coins and points, you don’t want to spend money for items or you are just beginning to play FUT, the FIFA 18 hack is perfect for you. Especially if you only got bad or average player on your team, but you want to compete with gamer all over the world it is important to have a great team. For building a great team you need coins, lots of coins. Some special player can cost you millions of coins. If you want at least 11 of them you need an extremely huge amount of coins on your account. Getting them is a big problem for the most gamer. For some it is the main reason they spend lots of money. Keep in mind you are only able to buy FUT points, which are completely useless, because you can only use them for packs and FUT Draft. In the packs you won’t get any special card easily, maybe you will have to open around 50 packs to get one single special card. Some people are even so unlucky they never got Ronaldo, Messi or a TOTS and TOTY player.


Using a FIFA 18 coins hack is more important than ever

Why? Because there are more special player than ever before. Almost every week EA is releasing new special player in every possible color. TOTS, TOTY, TOTM, Man of the match, Chinese New Year, St. Patricks Day, Hero, FUT icons and so on. Normal gamer can’t even count anymore how many special player there are. At the same time EA is trying to make the game as much competitive as possible by adding new tournaments and cups. For example the Weekend League or the FUT Champions Cup. The conclusion is: You need better player to compete against better teams. Having free FIFA 18 coins and points in this moment is extremely useful. Don’t underestimate the power of great player. It makes a big difference if you have Ronaldo, Lewandowski, Aguero or Neymar in your team or just an average player. With them you can literally from everywhere and you are unpredictable. With the FIFA 18 coins hack you will be able to buy them. Simply generate FIFA 18 UT free coins and points and buy this player.

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Cheating on FIFA 18 is normal

Ten years ago people were complaining about cheater. For example people who used an aim bot on Counter Strike were hated everywhere. Since then the whole gaming industry changed. On Counter Strike there were no in-game shops or in-game currencies like coins, points, gems, diamonds or cash. These days it is all about selling. They want you to buy coins, points, gems and so on just to earn money. The whole situation changed. Cheating on online games are becoming more and more normal. Nobody wants to spend lots of money just for in-game items. Tools like the FIFA 18 coin generator are getting very popular in these days.